Vergara Miller Law Firm is more than a law firm – it’s an experience.

It’s a place where all your legal needs are met in an easy and convenient manner. Let the attorneys at Vergara Miller Law Firm advocate for you.

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Criminal Defense

We got you covered. Don’t let a criminal charge ruin your life. Together we can defend you against the state and help to protect your future.

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Traffic Tickets

Don’t just pay them, call us.  We will work to keep tickets off your driving record. Save yourself from surcharges  with legal representation.

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Stop letting old mistakes follow you around and start breezing through background checks. Let’s put your criminal history in the past.

What is LawVM ?

Our mission is “to be a voice for those without one.”

Third Coast Law is a law firm dedicated to defending you from the state and its prosecutors. Criminal defense is our passion. We exist to protect your constitutional right of innocent until proven guilty.

At Third Coast, we know a criminal charge can be a life altering event. Whether it’s a DWI or a felony, a conviction can easily affect your job, your license, or an apartment lease.  Don’t take on the vast resources of the state by yourself.

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Share your side…

It’s never too soon to protect your freedom. You may not get to tell your side of the story without proper legal representation. Save your future. Let Third Coast Law fight for your rights!
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