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Vergara Miller Law Firm is way more than a law firm, it’s a new revolutionary approach to save your time and money in the legal field. Your time is important and by trusting the team at Law VM you will emerge feeling confident that your legal concerns are in good hands. We prioritize and value your needs. We assure to fulfill our duties and responsibilities including providing you with specific legal guidance. Contact us, now!

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Your time, through live video chat or teleconference from the comfort of your own home or face to face at our different locations, connect you with our best and experienced team. At Vergara Miller Law Firm you will feel confident that your legal needs are being met by the best attorneys Houston has to offer. Our team understands the value in providing our clients with the flexibility to schedule consultations outside typical work hours. No more racing around town only to have to wait to be seen by an attorney. At Vergara Miller Law Firm your time takes precedence. Let us handle all your legal needs.

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Our unique team steps up to bring you sound legal advice you can trust. Our team only provides an informed understanding of your legal rights and obligations while seeking a result advantageous with consistent and honest dealings. We make sure to give you a professional, prompt, diligent and competent lawyer. Let us handle your legal needs, on your time, and in a convenient and professional setting. Schedule your consultation with lawvm today!

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Vergara Miller Law Firm is a full-service law firm. We provide Personalized legal guidance on how to best move the case forward to reach your legal objectives. Let us help you with all your family law, immigration law and personal injury law matters. We will also help you with the preparation of your will and the resolution of any probate matters. We are dedicated to putting our full support behind achieving your legal goals.


Salt Lake City Office 

2825 E Cottonwood Parkway, Suite 500
Salt Lake City, 84121

(385) 275-6505


Missouri City Office

 7070   Knights Court, Unit 904
Missouri City, TX 77459

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