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Tips for Leaving or Entering the United States

While many individuals may no longer be deemed a deportation priority, it is crucial to remain vigilant and take necessary measures to avoid penalties or deportation. This includes staying attentive to any interactions with ICE officials at all times. After reading this blog, you’ll get a better understanding of the 3 tips to avoid penalties or deportation.


3 Tips to Avoid Penalties or Deportation


Here at Vergara Miller Law Firm, we offer you some tips that you should take into consideration if you plan to leave or enter the United States.


  1. Do not commit any crimes.

Whether you are a lawful permanent resident or an illegal immigrant, it’s very important not to commit any type of crime. You should avoid certain actions that could get you arrested.

For example, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, taking things that do not belong to you, using rockets in illegal places, getting involved in fights, etc.

All of these offenses are very serious and can be punishable by criminal law. You may also be affected by immigration laws, as you run the risk of coming into contact with ICE officials during the arrest.


  1. Do not leave the country without knowing the immigration law penalties.

If you have lived in the country without a legal immigration status, then you should be aware of the penalties you would receive under immigration law when you leave the United States.


If you have lived undocumented in the U.S. for 180 days, you would receive the 3-year penalty.

If you have lived illegally in the U.S. for one year, you would receive the 10-year penalty.

After living more than one year in the U.S. without legal status and you return illegally, you would receive a permanent penalty.


This is why it’s crucial to prioritize addressing any inquiries with your attorney before your departure to avoid penalties or deportation.


  1. Do not do favors or bring packages to anyone upon re-entering the U.S.

When departing and returning to the United States, it is imperative not to transport any illegal items across the border, as this can lead to grave consequences for immigrants. Additionally, refrain from carrying items or packages on behalf of strangers or without knowledge of their contents to avoid penalties or deportation.


Care should always be taken to avoid problems with ICE officials, even on holidays. Therefore, you should remember that it is important to consult an immigration law attorney to analyze your case and tell you the best way to prevent these penalties.


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