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Obtaining permanent residence in the United States

Can crimes limit my chances of obtaining permanent residence in the US? If you are in the process of obtaining permanent residence in the United States, be aware that certain criminal activities may limit your ability to obtain a green card for permanent residence.


If you don’t have a criminal record, this may not be relevant. However, knowing a little about the crimes that affect your green card eligibility can help you plan better.


Can crimes limit my chances of obtaining permanent residence in the US?


Can a crime affect legal residency?

What is crime’s effect on immigration? The fact that one or more violations are committed and/or recorded DOES pose some difficulties for the legal permanent residence process.

Depending on the case and the crime committed, the application for a residence permit may be denied. In addition, the person may be detained pending deportation and barred from entering the United States for several years or permanently.


What crimes could affect?

There are several crimes that could bring you more trouble than others. For example:

Breaking and entering, murder, possession with intent to sell drugs, filing taxes with false information, bribing a witness, illegally selling firearms, and sexual assault.


Will a DUI affect my residency?

Driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs (DUI) is usually a misdemeanor. However, it can cause some complications. It depends on each individual case and the circumstances of the crime.


Why does crime affect immigrants?

To qualify for legal residency, a person must show that they meet the requirements of US immigration law.


What is admissible?

If a person is admitted, it means that the person is eligible and meets all the requirements of immigration law.

As a result of committing certain violations, a person may be deemed inadmissible. In other words, you cannot get a green card because you violated immigration law.


Is there forgiveness?

Yes, some crimes can be forgiven. But not for everyone.

It is best to consult an immigration lawyer to analyze your case and guide you on the best steps to take to obtain lawful permanent residence in the United States.


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