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Registering Fingerprints with USCIS for Immigration Processing

Immigration lawyer explained biometrics are? The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) may require you to register your fingerprints as part of the biometrics are process. If required for immigration processing, USCIS will send a notice to the address you provided along with the information required for your reservation. Biometrics are an essential step in the immigration process to verify your identity and background.


Has your immigration lawyer mentioned what biometrics are?


Approximately five to eight weeks after submitting your immigration application, you will receive a notice from USCIS to attend an interview to receive your biometrics.


Appointments for biometrics can be made at your local USCIS office, but can also be made at the nearest U.S. Consulate. In addition to fingerprinting and photographing, the immigrant’s signature must also be recorded.


Biometric appointments are usually very quick, depending on how many people are scheduled for the same date and time, but when it is your turn, you will find that it will only take 10-15 minutes to register.


What is the purpose of taking biometrics?

Has your immigration lawyer mentioned what biometrics are? USCIS must enroll fingerprints and photographs. The fingerprints and photos are used to check against the FBI and Department of Homeland Security (DHL) database to see if you have a serious criminal record or immigration violations.


The fee you pay to run your biometrics is $85. This fee must be paid when submitting an immigration application to the Department of Immigration.


The biometrics appointment is the first thing that must be done after submitting the application to USCIS. Only beneficiaries of the immigration process should participate. Sponsors are not required to participate, as biometrics are not collected from them.


What do I need to bring for my biometric appointment?

  • Photo identification. For example, a passport or driver’s license
  • The notice you received from USCIS with the location and date of your biometric service appointment
  • Other notices or acknowledgments received from USCIS
  • Any other documents specifically requested by USCIS in your notice of appointment (usually a prior employment authorization document or travel authorization issued on your behalf)


A second biometric appointment may be required depending on several factors. This does not mean that there is a problem with the process. Most likely, the second booking is because the fingerprint was not read and could not be used.


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