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But, what is the “Remain in Mexico” program?

Despite multiple attempts by the Biden Administration to eliminate the “Remain in Mexico” program, which has no end yet, a federal judge in Texas has successfully stayed the administration’s latest proposal to end the anti-immigrant policy.

The “Remain in Mexico” program has no end yet

The Migrant Protection Protocol in Spanish “Protocolo de protección a migrantes” better known as “MPP” or “Remain in Mexico”, was launched by Ex President Trump in 2019 with the intention of finding a solution to the immigration crisis, which Republicans called “invasive”. Since then, the program has created a dangerous and vulnerable situation for displaced migrants.


The program’s actions suggest that non-Mexican asylum seekers will be forced to move south of the border so that they can (or cannot) legally process their immigration there.


President Biden has repeatedly attempted to end both the “Remain in Mexico” program and the Title 42 policy, arguing that these policies run against the ideals of the United States as a country of immigrants.


Border crisis and uncertainty about the immigration program

In October 2021, a memorandum was issued containing information about the program’s termination. However, the court referred the case to U.S. District Judge, Matthew Kacsmaryk, to consider whether it complied with the Administrative Procedure Act, which mandates certain bureaucratic requirements in court proceedings.


This December 15, Kacsmaryk stayed the cancellation of the program pending resolution of the dispute between Texas and Missouri, both Republican-governed states, who have called for the program to continue because of the harm it would cause to local populations and threats to U.S. public safety and national security if it were to be repealed.


However, the ruling does not order its reinstatement, a decision that leaves many with doubts regarding the future of the policy and the government’s response to the crisis at the border, what is not known for now is whether Mexico will accept or close its doors to the return of foreigners seeking asylum in the US.


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