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Top Global Destinations: Discover the Countries with the Highest Immigration Rates in the World

Global Destinations: Countries with Highest Immigration Rates

The number of immigrants worldwide is increasing day by day, reaching 280 million by the year 2020. When we talk about immigration and the decision of many people to move to another country, whether in search of better economic opportunities or to escape the insecurity in their countries of origin, the United States is the first country that comes to mind. And indeed, it is one of the countries with the highest immigration rate in the world.


But the United States is not the only destination where migrant people seek to live. Many families see beyond the “American Dream” and choose other destinations to rebuild their lives. Below, we will talk about the “most popular” countries for immigrants:


1. United States

It is no surprise that this country continues to be a nation of immigrants. According to the 2020 census, it is estimated that there are more than 50 million foreign-born people living in the United States, which represents approximately 13.7% of its total population. Immigrants come from all over the world, but most are from Mexico, China, India, and the Philippines.


2. Saudi Arabia

Thanks to oil production, this country has become one of the wealthiest in the world and therefore offers excellent economic opportunities for immigrant people. There are an estimated 12 million immigrants living in Saudi Arabia, representing 30% of the total population.


3. Germany

In recent decades, this European country has attracted a large number of immigrants, and according to data from the OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development), in 2020, Germany was the third country with the highest immigration rate in the world, with over 13 million immigrants living in its territory. Most immigrants come from other European countries, the Middle East, and Africa.


4. Russia

Although many may not think of Russia as a country where people decide to live, immigration data shows otherwise. They have over 11 million immigrants living within the country, and most immigrants come from former Soviet Union countries such as Ukraine, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan. People choose Russia as a destination to rebuild their lives because it’s a country with a strong economy and great availability of job opportunities.


5. Canada

Known as a welcoming country, Canada is quite popular among different cultures. Its immigration policies seek to attract highly skilled people from around the world. According to the latest census, there are an estimated 8 million foreign-born people living in Canada, representing approximately 21.5% of its total population.


6. Australia

Like Canada, Australia has immigration policies that attract highly skilled people. The flow of immigrants has increased in recent years, and according to the latest census, there are an estimated 7.6 million foreign-born people living in Australia, representing approximately 30.9% of its total population.


These countries have shown that immigration can be a positive force for economic and social development. Countries like Australia and Canada have shown that giving refuge to foreigners doesn’t have to be negative; on the contrary, they try to take advantage of the skills of these professionals and turn them into people who contribute to society. Each immigration case is different, and in the United States, one can apply for various visas to live legally in the country. Want to know what your options are? Contact our team of lawyers at Vergara Miller Law, and we will offer you the legal advice you need.


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