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Factors Influencing Legal Status in the US

For many people, achieving the American dream can be complicated for various reasons, one of which is: being inadmissible within the United States. Here you’ll find the reasons that may affect your path to being legal status in the US.


Reasons that may affect your path to being legal status in the US


Being inadmissible is not being allowed to enter, nor being able to apply for the green card in the United States. And how do you know if you fall into this category? We tell you.


There are many challenges of having Legal Status in the US, including:


Health Issues.

If you are told that you are inadmissible for health reasons, this may be because you have a communicable disease that could affect the public health of the country.
Another reason is not having your preventive vaccinations up to date, such as measles, polio, mumps, etc. Having a history of mental disorders that may pose a threat to other people or a history of drug addiction also makes you inadmissible.


Criminal record.

This factor affects people who have been involved in crimes, inside and outside the United States, for which they received 5 or more years in prison. These include:

  • Drug trafficking offenses
  • Murders
  • Human traffic
  • Rape
  • Money laundering
  • Kidnapping


Security reasons.

Being considered a security threat to the United States.


Public Burden.

When it is considered that the person who applies may become dependent on the US government for support, they are considered inadmissible. Different factors such as the person’s health, age, family status, and work and education history are determined.


Other Legal Status factors.

  • Having entered the United States illegally
  • Stay in the country for more than 6 months
  • Committing fraud or lying about necessary information in an application.
  • Have been previously deported.
  • Helping someone enter the country illegally (smuggling)


Even with this extensive list of factors that can affect many people’s admission into the country, there are options to apologize and resolve! The requirements for a waiver application vary depending on the reason for which the person was found inadmissible. To find out what your specific case is and request help with immigration processes, you can call us now at (832) 305-6560. Or schedule a consultation by clicking here.


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